Monday, September 8, 2008

Way Off the Wall--Two Decades in the Dragon

I've written a monthly "Off the Wall" newsletter for friends and family ever since we arrived in Xiamen (former Amoy) back in October 1988. I've toyed with the idea of an Off the Wall blog for years, so now I'll give it a go. Not sure if anyone will read it or not, but... here's life in China from the perspective of an American family who has been here 20 years.

No Change in China People often ask me, "Have you seen a lot of change in China?" I answer, "Nope! No change! Taxi drivers don't have any change. Bankers don't have any change...."

360 Degrees of Change But seriously, there has been lots of change. The difference between China today and China of 1988 is night and day. As a Xiamen University graduate student in Economics told me, "In the past 20 years China has turned around 360 degrees!" That guy will make a good economist--in Beijing or Washington (or the way things are going, both).

Bill Brown
Xiamen University

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John Bulbuk said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed all that I read in your "Way off the Wall--Two Decades in the Dragon" Also "Old Chinese photos and texts"
I read it out loud as my wife Karen was working on her computer next to me. It was an education.
Thanks Bill and Sue, an excellent piece of work. J.B. RO