Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Healthx24.com Croatian Attack

Lost Face Book, Blogger, Croatian Attacks, etc.

Blogger is still blocked in China, as is Face Book (maybe China can start their own, called "Lost Face" Book) and Twitter.  Personally, I don't miss Facebook (or Lostface Book) or Twitter, but do miss the blog.

But I used a VPN to make a serious warning.  A friend's email address book was hijacked and messages sent to all friends with links to www.healthx24.com  DO NOT click this!  It is based in Croatia, and will open you up to who knows what (in face, not even who knows what yet).

Happy Mooncake Game, for those of you celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival in Xiamen (Amoy).  This is, by far, our liveliest time of the year, even more so than Chinese New Year, because of the unique "cake gambling game", which was supposedly invented (or at least perfected) by Koxinga almost 350 years ago to keep his homesick troops preoccupied.

Read about the Mooncake Gambling Game in my book Magic Xiamen (formerly Amoy Magic), or click here for a brief overview (scroll down the page though): 
Enjoy Amoy!


Just a quick note, folks!  

Bill Brown Xiamen University www.amoymagic.com

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