Saturday, September 3, 2011

For Unto Us a Charlie's Born

Early this morning I got word that Johanna and Chaz Bulbuk, grandson of John Bulbuk and  Chuck & Donna Saunders, (whom I knew while I was in the Air Force in Taiwan, and who introduced Sue and I in Pasadena), finally had baby Charlie.  About time!  We thought he was coming ten days ago.   Below is a poem to celebrate...
(Click pics of Charlie for larger images!)

For Unto us a Charlie's Born
                    September 2, 2011
Upon this bright and cheery morn,
an angel on a Harley,
Said, "To us all a child is born
And he shall be called Charlie."

And how this child has come to be,
Is a tale that must be told,
So here's the story straight from me,
If I may be so bold.

Old Eden had its endless fruits,
Israelis had their manna,
David had his bread and wine,
And Chaz? He has Johanna!

And from that marriage made above,
And the union of their hearts,
We see the fruit of faith and love,
As today a Journey starts.

We waited long for the little guy,
And Johanna grew yet rounder.
The doctor checked, and heaved a sigh,
"He's probably a 20 pounder!"

But at long last, the doctor saw
a small head full of hair.
That child looked round in awe and said,
"I've been long enough in there."

8 pounds and 7 ounces,
The kid was born half grown,
And like a lion pounces,
Charlie struck out on his own.

20 inches full of life,
And hungry from the get-go.
He headed straight for mom's sweet breast,
And still he hasn't let go.

Now some may say that we've evolved,
That life is chance or luck,
But we know that our life's a gift,
Especially when a Bulbuk!

So here's to Charlie, parents too,
And for you three I pray,
That every day our Lord renew
That love we see today.

With love &

Uncle Bill

Bill Brown Xiamen University
Click Here to learn more about Chuck and Donna Saunders of the Asia Evangelical Mission

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