Friday, April 12, 2013

Amazon Subscribe and Save -- Cheapest way to go for China folks!

Greetings from Amoy, China!

Well, this is an odd topic, but maybe useful for some.  There are still many things we can't get in China, such as Swiss Miss no sugar added Cocoa, so we stock up in the summer ordering from Amazon, and bring it with us.  Sue also likes Torani Sugar-free Hazelnut syrup for her coffees (great Frappuccinos, using bananas to make them creamy). But Amazon has a great "Amazon Subscribe and Save Program"-- save 5% to 15%-- if you set regular deliveries, which can be as seldom as twice a year. Give it a try!And check our Amazon China.  Cheaper delivery, but not the same variety.

Below are some of your favorites (the dried blueberries are the best--no sugary-candy taste; one box lasts an entire year in China--with cereal, in oatbran, etc.)

Should you wish to ship theses things to China, try sea freight. They charge by volume, not weight, so in the past we've sent crates full of foods, books, furniture (couch, chairs, even a Sears oven, which I can bake six loaves of bread in at a time). It's a bit of a hassle picking it up in China (must get through customs), but certainly a lot cheaper than mail, or being charged for excess baggage.

Enjoy Amoy!
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