Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ann of of Green Gables Complete eBook! (All 9 Books)

Ahoy from Amoy! (modern Xiamen)

Someone borrowed our Ann of Avonlea complete series and never returned it--but happily, you can get Ann of Green Gables complete for 99 cents on Amazon now!(Some of the other so-called "complete series" are incomplete).

We don't have a Kindle Readers, but we have pads and use the free Kindle software, which is better than just a Kindle because we can use any Android software, whereas Amazon limits software use on the Kindle. And with eBooks, we now have a great library both here in China wherever we travel. Yes, I too like "real" books--but you do get used to eBooks after awhile! But download a free "bluelight" filter to lessen the glare on your eyes, which can cause insomnia.
And if you really like Lucy Maud Montgomery's Ann of Green Gables, watch the Canadian TV series Road to Avonlea ! It has long been our family's favorite TV series. Amazing settings, character development.


Bill Brown

Bill Brown Xiamen University

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StillThinking said...

Bill!!!!!!!! It has been too long since we have enjoyed each other directly! I prayed for you and Sue and Fujian today.

David Moore