Thursday, July 30, 2015

Why I'm glad I did not wait to update to Windows 10!

No need to delay update to Windows 10--especially if you have 8!

While most reviewers have said Windows 10 is miles ahead of Vista, 7 or 8, they also recommend delaying a few weeks or months until the bugs are worked out. And I considered waiting--but I'm glad I updated as soon as it was available today!

1st, Windows 8 has been such a pain, and already buggy enough. I thought, how could it get worse?

2nd, Yes, the new Windows 10 has bugs; all new software does (and the old software does as well' they're never perfected). But the Microsoft Team has spent months working on it, and quite a few experts have taken the plunge and updated, with no backup, and been overall pleased. And so I decided it wasn't likely to get any worse, and I too updated.

Updating to Windows 10 was so easy!  Downloading and updating took perhaps 90 minutes, and it was all automatic. When I entered Windows 10 the first time, all of my old programs and data were exactly where they'd been before, but so much easier to access now. And I like the new Start Menu, better in some ways than the old one with Vista and 7. 

I did have a hiccup only with one 10-year-old software for backups, but I shut it down, restarted it--and it has worked perfectly. It appears Windows 10 saw the problem and fixed it.

I've gotten used to Windows 8 and it's quirks, and set up enough of my own shortcuts that I use it as easily as I did 7 (which I loved). But just a couple hours on Windows 10 and I'm pretty impressed.

So you can wait until the bugs are out, but my feeling is there will always be bugs--and Windows 10 has fewer bugs, even now, than I had in Windows 8.

Enjoy Windows 10, which is a breath of fresh air after the Windows 8 debacle. It looks like Microsoft really has it together this time.

Dr. Bill

Bill Brown Xiamen University

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