Sunday, February 7, 2016

Solved: One or more internet protocols are missing & missing network protocol errors

Ahoy from Amoy! (Xiamen, China)

Windows 10 is far better than 7, but every few weeks, my notebook's WiFi won't connect and I get the message: One or more internet protocols are missing, or missing network protocol errors. It often, though not always, happens after Windows 10 updates.

I manage to fix it each time, but it's a pain. I click "Try these repairs as an administrator," and everything else, but nothing works. Once I restored the system to an earlier date, other times I fiddled with the registry. But I just came across the best explanation that I've ever seen for such a tech problem. It's a YouTube channel called HandyAndy Tech Tips.

His video shows, very clearly, step by step, how to resolve the problem. The first step is a no-brainer--check your cables. But the second is pure gold. And should that one fail--he shows you exactly what the fail looks like, and how to easily resolve it. It's a permissions problem; you just edit the registry. Be very careful here; type it wrong and you've a big mess. But he shows, very clearly, exactly what to type, and where to click. I've never seen such clarity in a tech explanation--and the 2nd step works without fail.

Of course--you can't get on the internet with your computer when it has this problem, so do as I did--watch his video on your cellphone and follow the instructions on your computer. Can't miss!

Thanks, Handy Andy! Again, Click Here for Handy Andy Tech Tip on solving this "One or more internet protocols are missing" issue. And give Andy a Thumbs Up while you're there!
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