Saturday, August 6, 2016

How to Restore OneDrive Icon in Windows 10

Ahoy from Amoy (Xiamen, China).

Several times a day, my computer has frozen, and I've found the problem is "System and compressed memory", which for many minutes uses up to 45% of GPU memory. This is often related to using the internet but OneDrive also causes the problem.

 I don't use OneDrive (internet too slow here), but I could not disable it because the OneDrive icon was missing from the notification area. The Windows website said to disable OneDrive with the OneDrive icon in Notifications--but my computer didn't have that icon (even in hidden icons).

I found many people have this problem. Here's here's how to restore the One Drive icon simply so you can turn the thing off:

Restore OneDrive Icon: In the root of C: drive (C:\ ), type this command, and hit enter (BUT replace William with your own user name!!):

C:\Users\William\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\OneDrive.lnk
The OneDrive icon will appear. You can then, in theory, disable it and click exit. 

As to how to solve the System and Compressed Memory" problem--it is a bugbear! There are so many causes for the problem, and the only real solution is getting rid of Windows 10, which is increasingly impractical. Very frustrating. I can't believe that Microsoft folks don't know about this problem. People have been blogging about it for at least 18 months. You'd think they could resolve it, but they're too busy adding new things (X-box, Weather, TV and Movies--which we can't delete) to bother fixing what doesn't work.

Oh well--on the bright side, with all its problems, Windows 10 works far better than Windows 3.0 or 8.0 (though I did like Windows XP).

Enjoy Amoy!

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