Thursday, October 13, 2016

Conservative Intelligence Briefing Scam (Trump Presidential Black Card )

Ahoy from Amoy (historic Xiamen)! Trump Presidential Black Card Scam Elite Membership Make America Great Again

I get ridiculous pleas for donations from both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's camp, but some are wild even by Clinton and Trump's standards and have to be Political Scams--such as the plea today from  Conservative Intelligence Briefing ( 

Trump (well, they write as if it is Trump, which I don't believe) asked for $35 to "join the highest ranks of the campaign" to activate my "Elite Membership" and get a "Presidential Black Card"--a Trump Card. He said over a million will be at his inauguration but only a select few will have the Presidential Black Card showing they were of the few who swept the campaign to victory--and all for just $35?

I looked up the site but found little.  I did find it partnered with Harper Polling in 2013 and is owned by Conservative Connector (which rents email lists, which is why when you donate in good faith to one, you get hundreds of pleas for money from everyone else). According to one site, David Freddoso, the site's editor, said they are independent and 'we have no donors or contributors....'

If that's true, why are they sending endless emails asking me for donations?  I doubt these so-called donations go to Trump or anyone else. If you want to support Trump or Clinton, you'd best send your pennies directly to a legitimate site. But regardless of whether we end up with Trump or Clintin, I think the Last Trump has sounded.

Below is the email asking for donations from the site that has no donors or contributors! [I changed all links so no does donate to this suspicious site. You can easily Google Trump's and Clinton's legitimate sites.]

Donald Trump Pending Final Upgrade Activate your Elite Membership Presidential Black Card

Trump Presidential Black Card Scam Elite Membership Make America Great AgainYou should get one of these, friend.

Contribute a one-time induction fee  of $35 to activate your Donald J. Trump Elite Membership now.

At my inauguration next year, there will be upwards of a million people there, but only a few will have Presidential Black Cards and the recognition as leading Trump supporters who really drove our campaign to victory.

This is the final round of Presidential Black Cards our campaign will be issuing so please respond before tomorrow at 9 AM to guarantee yours.

Our effort to defeat Hillary Clinton and turn this country around is more than just a campaign, it is a movement.

In all 50 states, proud Americans are standing up and joining our movement by the millions. Many of them have never been involved in politics before. Until now, they’ve never had anyone speaking up for them, against the DC elites who have sold us out and rigged the economy against working families.

So while Hillary Clinton calls us “deplorables,” I am 100% PROUD of the people standing with us...patriotic people who see radical Islamic terrorism, out-of-control crime, jobs shipped overseas, Washington corruption and career politicians doing NOTHING about these problems.

And our people are going to kick the DC elites to the curb so I can bring real leadership to the White House.

I hope you will emerge as a leader of our movement to rescue America before it is too late, friend.

Please join the highest ranks of our campaign with a contribution of $35 to activate your Elite Membership now.


Donald J. Trump

Enjoy Amoy!

Dr. Bill
Academic Director, XMU OneMBA
School of Management, Xiamen University

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