Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trump Deporting Seniors Instead of Illegal Immigrants

Hello from Amoy! (historic Xiamen, China)

Trump deporting seniors old people instead of illegal immigrants
I don't dare return to the U.S. because Trump, to save the economy, has vowed to deport seniors instead of illegals for 4 reasons:

1. Lower Social Security & Medicare costs.
2. Seniors are easier to catch ​than illegals
3. Illegals work cheaper than seniors (except at Walmart)
4. Seniors won't remember how to return home so we won't need Beijing to build the US-Mexico Great Wall.

So... See you on the bus!

Dr. Bill 
Joe Wong (Huang Xi 黄西) the Chinese biochemist (research on molecular biology and cancer) and part-time comedian P.S. My apologies for using the politically incorrect term "illegal immigrants." Which reminds me of Joe Wong (Huang Xi 黄西), the Chinese molecular biochemist and part-time comedian who shared his answers to questions on his U.S. naturalization examination (obviously a few years ago, as nowadays no one needs to know anything at all to be American). When asked to explain "Roe vs. Wade," he said, "Uhhh... the two ways to get into the U.S?"

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