Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Repair corrupt PDF file for FREE!

Ahoy from Amoy! 
I tried for days to fix a corrupted PDF file. Many sites advertised Free repair of broken PDF files--but every site had a gimmick. Several fixed the pdf file for FREE, but then allowed me to download the fixed PDF file only if I first paid from 20 USD to 30 GBP (about 55 USD!)  for either the PDF repair service or for a "fix pdf" software package. So frustrating. But success at last!

To help you avoid the headache I got, here's a site that did what it promised:  I was skeptical of the "free pdf repair," but I uploaded my 3.5 mb file--and within a minute, up popped a button saying, "click to download your repaired PDF file", and I clicked it (highly skeptical)--and within seconds it had downloaded and was indeed repaired! No tricks, no gimmicks, no watermark splashed across the page (which several sites did unless I sold my first born to pay them for the free fix). What a RELIEF!

Save yourself a lot of headache, and fix your PDF for free at

And--no, I don't get anything for the clicks (though I do for the google ads on the side!). I just hope you avoid the headaches and trials that I did. I was quite close to forking over 30 USD to get my textbook fixed.

Enjoy Amoy!

Dr. Bill

Bill Brown Xiamen University


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Sonika Rawat said...

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Sean said...

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Kaye R. Jenkins said...
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