Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fastest VPN --for 2 devices! (and anonymous)

Greetings from Amoy!

Sorry--I've withdrawn the recommendation I made in the blog entry below! After a month of use, I found too unstable for use, at least here, but our StrongVPN has also been excruciatingly slow. So now we're on AstrillVPN! It is amazing--2 devices for the price of 1 at StrongVPN, and I've compared them side by side. When StrongVPN is downloading at 30 or 40 kbs, Astrill VPN is at 300 or 400 kbs! And with Astrill, I've not yet had to manually change servers, and they have proprietary security tech no others have.

Better yet--Astrill VPN is confident enough to offer a free 7-day trial (I can see why StrongVPN, GoTrusted, SwissVPN and the others do not give the free trial!).
I hope you'll find Astrill VPN as useful as we have. Happy surfing!
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Our son here just introduced us to a fairly Fast VPN--and every\ package allows the use of up to 3 devices simultaneously (unlike Strongvpn and others, for which I had to have an account for each device). Still, I find Strongvpn to be more reliable and steady--and half the price, so I'm not sure it is worth it to pay more for for 3 accounts. Still--it has at times been faster than the others I've tried, so you might want to try both.'s east-to-use dashboard makes it easy to switch to the currently fasted server or country. Just click "Jump to Fastest!" (Compare with Strongvpn, where I had to do a tedious search for the fastest, and Strong only allows 15 changes per month).

StrongVPN is still a favorite--especially their incredible 24/7 live tech service ( only has email replies to service tickets), but I like being able to connect 3 devices at the same time with, and being able to change anytime to a faster server or country (we found Spain 1 and Florida 1 are some of the fastest).

A suggestion! If you have any difficulty connecting (though it is in fact extremely easy to install and connect), try a different port. We found that our internet service blocked port 110, but others worked well).

We hope you enjoy as much as we have!


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