Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How to Disable Samsung My Magazine and Home Key

Good morning from Amoy!

I love my Samsung Note's hardware but hate Samsung's bloatware, which I can't remove. Especially annoying is that pressing the Home Key opens Samsung's "My Magazine," (Flipbook) which I do not want. Very frustration. I've got into Settings/My Applications/ and disabled My Magazine, cleared the cache and date. Still--press the Home Key and up it pops again! But I finally figured out how to keep the Home Key from opening My Magazine!

The reason it took me so long was every time My Magazine popped up, I refused to accept the conditions, and went into Settings and shut it down. This time, I accepted the conditions (though refused to let it use location services, which it did anyway), and then went in to My Magazines settings and it had 1 option (only 1 option, in fact): to disable Home Key so it doesn't open My Magazine!

Warning: once you disable Samsung's Home Key for My Magazine, you must exit the app completely with the "Active Apps" icon. Otherwise, Home Key will still open My Magazine even after you've disabled it. But now that I've exited and closed it, pressing of the home key just brings me "home", which makes sense. Press it twice and you get the voice feature (but I've never tapped it twice by accident, so it's no problem).

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