Wednesday, January 27, 2016

8778413509 -- SCAM! (Phishing fraud ) Report to FTC!

Greetings from Amoy!

While in the U.S. recently, I got a robocall from  8778413509 saying "this call is in regards to the security software that we were installed on your computer last year. Now we see a red flag on our and saying that there is a security breach on it.. Please call 8778413509 .."

DO NOT CALL THEM! I don't have their so-called security software, so obviously it is fraud--probably a phishing scam to get into my computer. And please, ASAP, report fraudulent phone calls and scams to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The link is at the bottom of this post.

Amazing how many fraudulent emails and phone calls I get (and here in Xiamen, China as well; even the police fall for them). And amazing that scams like this phone fraud are allowed to continue (they've been using this same phone number for awhile).

NEVER reply directly to an unsolicited phone call or email--or give any personal information to anyone that phones you. If you recognize the company, hang up, find the official phone number, and then phone them. I've had friends and family ignore this and face big consequences.

CLICK HERE to report phone scams or fraud to the FTC!!

Click Here for FTC info on Tech Support Scams
FTC Phone Support Counselor: 877-382-4357

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