Friday, November 4, 2016

Chinese Trump and Clinton Cake Joke from Mainland China

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton cake joke magic trick Are these two really the best can can come up withAhoy from Amoy (historic Xiamen, China).

America's presidential campaign is getting pretty bad when even people on the streets of Mainland China are cracking jokes about it--but I do like this joke, which fairly well reflects both Hillary's and Donald's special skill sets. I attach the  Chinese joke below the English. [The joke originated in the U,S., of course, but everyone in China knows it as well, and they improve upon it].  Enjoy! Dr. Bill

After a TV debate Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were hungry so went to a bakery to grab something to eat, only to find that neither of them had any money.

Hillary hesitated but a moment, but as soon as the baker turned his back, she grabbed three cakes and stuffed them in her pocket. "See how smart I am?" she said to Trump. "The baker saw nothing, and I don't even need to lie. That's why I'll beat you in the Presidential election."

Trump laughed, "I can do better than that. I can eat three cakes right in front of the baker and not get in trouble!" And he said to the baker.  "I'm the Republican presidential candidate,"Donald Trump, and if you'll hand me those 3 pastries I'll do a magic trick." 

The curious baker handed him the 3 pastries, which Trump swallowed one after the other. The baker was getting angry. "When's the magic going to happen?"

Trump smirked and said, "Look in Hillary's pocket!"


要吃点东西补充能量。他们一起进了一家面包店,可两人发现身上都没带钱。希拉里犹豫了一下,然后趁店员不注意,伸手取了3块糕点藏进口袋。 她小声对特朗普说:“你看我多聪明,店主什么都没看到,而我甚至都不需要撒谎,我一定会战胜你赢得美国总统宝座!” 




此时店主有些纳闷,就问特朗普到底魔术何时会出现。 特朗普答曰:“现在是见证奇迹的时刻了,刚才的三块蛋糕都在希拉里的口袋里。”

Enjoy Amoy!

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