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Homemade Weighted Juggle Balls ($9, not $66--and no sew!) EZ!

Ahoy from Amoy (historic Xiamen, China).

I wanted heavy bean bags (only 1 pound each, so no strain) to exercise while I juggle, but the cheapest I found online was 45 USD for 3 bags--plus $21.65 Shipping! Total cost: $66.65 for 3 balls!
Make your own cheap weighted juggling exercise balls
Baby Socks and BBs--DIY weighted juggling balls!

I made my own, no sewing, for under $10!

You need:
1. BBs (click here for about 4 pounds of Crosman BBs, only $8.49, on Amazon)
2. 3 Pair of baby socks (3 pair for only $1 at a Dollar Store).
3. Small plastic bag and tape.

Steps to Make Your Own One Pound (or heavier, up to you) Weighted Juggling Exercise Balls
Pour the BBs into 3 small plastic bags (or make the bags from plastic sheet and tape). Tape the bags shut and reinforce well with the tape.

Place the plastic bag of BBs in a baby sock, then twist the top and fold the leg of the sock back over the ball. It will hold without sewing.

For extra strength, place the sock of BBs in another sock and, again, twist the sock just above the ball, then fold the leg back over the ball. This too will hold without sewing.

Now juggle to your hearts content with 1 pound weighted juggling balls that cost you less than $10 instead of $66!
Easy Make Your Own No Sew Weighted Juggling Exercise Balls with Baby Socks andn BBs
Make your own No-Sew Weighted Juggling Balls (Socks 'n BBs!)

If you're muscle-bound, you can make 5 pound weighted juggling balls, or 10 pounders, but even one pound weighted juggling balls are enough to give you some good exercise while still having fun and without straining yourself (I may be 16 at heart but my body's 61 so I have to strike a balance).

Enjoy Amoy! And enjoy your juggling.

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