Wednesday, September 17, 2014

StrongVPN no Longer so Strong--but have 1 10X faster!

 Sorry--I've withdrawn the recommendation I made in the blog entry below for StrongVPN.  StrongVPN has also been excruciatingly slow. So now we're on AstrillVPN! It is amazing--2 devices for the price of 1 at StrongVPN, and I've compared them side by side. When StrongVPN is downloading at 30 or 40 kbs, Astrill VPN is at 300 or 400 kbs! And with Astrill, I've not yet had to manually change servers, and they have proprietary security tech no others have.

Better yet--Astrill VPN is confident enough to offer a free 7-day trial (I can see why StrongVPN, GoTrusted, SwissVPN and the others do not give the free trial!).
I hope you'll find Astrill VPN as useful as we have. Happy surfing!
Dr. Bill

Original post:
Though I love living here, one frustration is accessing online material that I really need for my work.  I don't mind them blocking Facebook or Twitter. I don't use either one. But I really need my Gmail account and Google Docs, which are sometimes blocked and sometimes not.

Thanks to StrongVPN, I can access anything I need, and the new interface/console is easier than anything I've ever used (and I've used half a dozen or more). Best of all, the online service is excellent. On the rare occasion I've had an issue, the team of professionals has helped me work it out via online chats.

I regret that I must use a VPN, and I don't encourage using one for unethical purposes--but if, like me, you simply have to have a fast, uninterrupted connection for your daily work, StrongVPN is the way to go!

Enjoy Amoy!

Dr. Bill

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