Friday, September 5, 2014

Cannot see text at bottom of screen -- FIXED

Hi from Amoy!

Here is an EZ Fast Fix for a common problem that I and many friends have had. Sometimes the text extends  below the bottom of the screen, so you can't click the Buttons. You try to drag the top up so you can click the bottom--but as soon as you let go, it snaps back down again (and the Taskbar covers the buttons) I was surprised to see how many people are searching online forums and querying Adobe and Microsoft support (and often getting nowhere).

Every computer is different, and there can be many causes, but 100% of the time I've faced this, it has been because I, or the person I helped, changed either the screen resolution or enlarged Window's text under Control Panel / Display / Change the Size of all items -- and chosen anything larger than 100%.

If you're my age and need reading glasses, there is good reason for making the text larger. Unfortunately, unlike "reflowing text" in Adobe PDF files (which can make the text larger without moving it off the screen), enlarging text in Windows (any Windows, from XP to Windows 8-Ball), runs the edges off the screen so you can't click buttons to exit, or select, or... No idea why, over the years, they've not developed a way to resolve this.

So if you can't see the bottom of your screen, or Word or Adobe document, change the text size back to 100% and use reading glasses like me--or use Windows "Magnifying" tool to temporarily enlarge parts of the screen, like a magnifying glass.

Here's the steps.

1. Open Control Panel (in Windows 8, go to start by hitting the Windows key (4 small squares, probably to the left of the space bar), or open the right Charm (not that charming) and tap the Windows Start icon (4 blue squares.

2. Open Display.

3. Beneath "Change the size of all items" (on the upper right), click on the circle to the left of "Smaller -- 100%".

4. Finish. Some computers may ask you to log out and back in, or even reboot, but the issue should then be fixed.

5. But experiment. Different computers have different tolerances. With my Asus, I can only use 100%, but my Lenovo allows 115%, which is good enough for me to work without reading glasses.

6. Individual text size? You may note on the Display window, bottom right side, you can "Change only the the text size" if you tick the box for "Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays." You can then choose different size texts for Title Bars, Menus, Message Boxes, Icons, Palette Titles and Tooltips--but this still sometimes causes the problem of text running beyond the borders of the display, or doesn't affect the text at all inside of applications such as Word or Acrobat.

Its an old problem that I hope Microsoft will eventually resolve. Rather like the one we used to have with the tiny print in SMS texts! Those old phones allowed us to choose large text, and then still forced us to use tiny texting fonts. Fortunately, Android now allows us to increase the size of SMS text message fonts.

I hope this has helped (it's certainly worked for me, and for many family and friends I've helped).

And if you have a chance, visit Amoy (historic name for Xiamen, Fujian Province, where I've lived since 1988)!

Au reservoir!

Bill Brown
Xiamen University

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