Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Yonanas! Frozen fruit into creamy ice cream--no sugar, dairy, eggs (EZ! 2 to 3 min.)

Yonanas Dole Homemade Ice Cream China Frozen Fruit no sugar dairy eggsGoing Bananas Over Yonanas!

When we first came to Xiamen in 1988, it was hard to believe that Chinese had invented ice cream. The only brand we had was "White Snow" ice cream (better than "Yellow Snow", I guess). It was not smooth and creamy but icy, almost gritty, only came in vanilla, and was only sold in the summer. Virtually every shop in Xiamen stopped selling it the same day in September, parroting the same explanation, as if they'd learned it from Mao's Little Red Ice Cream Book: "Can't eat ice cream in winter. Too cold."

Nonsense. When we got stuck for 3 weeks in Beijing for Chinese New Year (back then, you needed guanxi to get tickets), we found that Northern Chinese eat ice cream year round--even while ice skating on the frozen lakes! Nowadays, of course, we can get all kinds of ice creams year round (because of global warming, perhaps?)--but we just found the tastiest and healthiest alternative!

Sue spent $3 on a strange gadget, Yonanas, that Dole produced to grind frozen fruit straight into creamy, delicious "ice cream!" No dairy, sugar, eggs--nothing but frozen fruit! I was astonished when I first ate some of it. No wonder we went bananas over Yonanas. We've already bought two more (a new one for us, and one for our son and his wife, and am now ordering two for friends).

Yonanas is only about $50 on Amazon, with free shipping, or get the Yonanas Elite, which is double the power, so is easier to use and will probably last longer. If you, like us, are in China, you can buy them on Taobao, though I have not yet found the Yonanas Elite on Taobao. They are about 220 Yuan.

Nowadays, you never know what you're getting when you eat processed, store bought foods. Just days ago, it was reported that Taiwan companies were using recycled gutter oil--and exporting it to Hong Kong! So Hong Kong stores dumped their Taiwan made mooncakes for Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and are buying them from the Dutch! 
Frozen fruit ice cream Dole Yonanas no sugar no dairy no eggs

So try something that is for sure healthy and relatively safe (you never know about pesticides, I guess), by making Yonanas part of your daily diet. Just chop fruit into small pieces, freeze overnight, stick them in the Yonanas and in 2 or 3 minutes you have a treat that is so tasty it is hard to believe it is good for you!

Enjoy Amoy!

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