Sunday, August 2, 2009

Xiamen Rent a Car

Bill Brown  ...    Xiamen University

It is now possible to rent a car in Xiamen, with a driver or to drive yourself--but caution is in order!

First, driving a car in China is totally unlike driving back home.  It is automotive warfare, survival of the fastest.  Don't believe me?  Read "Darwinian Driving--Survival of the Fastest."  While it is humorous, it is also 100% true (as even Chinese friends have admitted).

Still want to rent a car in Xiamen?  There are various websites, but as far as I can find, they are all in Chinese.  But if you can't read Chinese, you'll have problems anyway.  Many cities have signs full of Chinese writing warning against this or that on this street or in that area.  I've only had 3 tickets in my 30+ years of driving in the U.S., but I had 3 in China within 30 days of getting my license back in 1993. 

Still, if you're careful, you'll find that driving in China is not only survivable but even enjoyable (in China, who needs Nintendo or Wii or Play Station  if you have a car, and streets full of cars and pedestrians to dodge--or, on occasion, hit).  Driving really frees you up, and we've put 200,000 km. on our two cars, even driving 40,000 km. to Tibet and Back, in 1994 (through the Gobi Desert no less, in our 2-wheel drive Toy Ota).

Try this website for cars ranging from 250 Yuan to 1200 Yuan a day:  

And do read about Darwinian Driving in China!

Also check out Tibet in 80 Days

Enjoy Amoy!

Dr. Bill

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