Saturday, August 1, 2009

Medical Prescriptions in Xiamen

Bill Brown       Xiamen University

30 July 2009, Ms. K.S. wrote:
HI there,

I am moving to Xiamen from New York City in a few weeks.  I take some prescribed medications. I am hoping you can tell me whether or not I will be able to get them in Xiamen as well.  I regularly take Adderall. Do you have this medicine there?  Is it easily available? Is it expensive? Who do I need to get a prescription from in China, a physician or psychiatrist?  Should I bring a letter from my doctor here?

I hope you can help! I am desperate to find out as it may affect my trip.

Thank you for your time.

All the best,


My reply:  I think you need not worry, especially with the opening of the Chenggang Hospital (check our site's Xiamen Hospitals page).  Many prescription meds are available over the counter.  Those that aren't, you can get prescriptions at hospitals (we prefer Chenggang).  But meds such as sleeping meds are generally doled out only half a dozen pills at a time, meaning a trip once or twice a week to the hospital, which is a pain, so you might want to bring a supply of those.
        Enjoy Xiamen!

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