Saturday, August 30, 2014

How to Disable Windows 8 Left Sweep--even on Asus!

I have slowly gotten used to Windows 8, and appreciate it's advantages--though I hate that it was forced upon me. I installed a program to emulate the Start button, but I eventually found I can do all I did with Windows 7 by just patiently rearranging Windows 8. But some things are still annoying.

I hate it when I brush I move from the left of the touchpad and it takes me into a previous screen! I disabled the left charm sweep, but it still did it because Asus touchpad drivers also do it. I think Asus is determined to make Assus of us all. I disabled Asus,and everything else. I've disabled so much that Starbucks gave me a Disabled PC pass.  And it worked, but then the left sweep started up again after a few weeks, though I've disabled everything possible and some things that are not possible.

But I've finally solved it. In the Asus program, I enable the left sweep, save it, and then again disable the left sweep--and it will work for a few days or weeks. But now that I know to do that, it is the work of a few seconds to resolve it.

Here are the steps to disable the left sweep, starting with windows.

Disable Left  Sweep in Windows 8
1. Open the Charms bar on the right (Sweep from right edge of screen or touchpad to the left and you will be, according to Microsoft, Charmed--though I don't find it charming at all).
2. Click on Settings on the bottom right

3. Click on Change PC Settings on the very bottom right

4. Click on PC and Devices on the upper left
5. Click on Corners and Edges (getting close now!)
6. On the right, under App Switching, turn OFF the line (3rd down) for "When I sweep in from the left edge..."

That should solve it--unless you have Asus...

Disable Left Sweep on Asus notebooks
1. Move cursor to Taskbar on lower right, double-click the gray square icon for Asus SmartGesture.
2.Tap the Edge Gesture tab on the top, second from the left.
3. Unclick whichever you don't want (I unclicked all of them, because Windows Charms still work on my touchscreen even with Asus non-so-SmartGesture disabled).
4. Click Apply at the bottom right.
5. Exit! Voila--left sweep is disabled--for a few days or weeks at least. But if it happens again, at least now you know it only takes a few seconds to fix it.

If it recurs--go back into Asus not-so-SmartGesture, enable the left sweep, click Apply, and then disable it and again click Apply. Yeah, I know. Weird--but it works (at least on mine).

I hope it works, and that Asus doesn't think of more ways to make Assus of us.

Enjoy Amoy!

Bill Brown 
Prof., Xiamen University MBA Center

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