Friday, February 20, 2009

Chang Gung Hospital 厦门长庚医院

Bill Brown ... Xiamen University
Xiamen Chang Gung Hospital (厦门长庚医院)--#1!
Over 20+ years in Xiamen our biggest concerns as a family have been education and quality medical care. We home-schooled the boys (though Xiamen now has the excellent Xiamen International School ), but for medical care we were generally at a loss as to what to do. Basically, we avoided the hospitals unless we were really sick--but if we were really sick we then didn't dare go to the hospital. Sort of a catch-22 there. But happily, we now have the excellent Taiwan-run Chang Gung Hospital in Haicang, Xiamen! My wife has been there many times, had excellent care, and taken a half dozen friends. Click Here to learn more. And below is a letter I just received from one of our fellow Xiamen laowai.

Dr, Bill
Thank you for the information regarding the new Hospital in Haican.g I had to go there today to visit a specialist for a brief check up and a for a couple of minors health issues. I had some problems with the Xiamen bus to Haichan but once there everybody spoke a little English and were extremely pleasant. My young doctor also was very thorough and explained everything in good English. Total cost for a visit, ultrasounds, urine test. blood pressure weekly medication plus free return bus to my door in Xiamen was less than 100 rmb. Well, you were quite correct in praising this establishment. Well done Chang Gun Hospital

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