Tuesday, February 24, 2009

U.S. Guangzhou Consulate Move to Xiamen?

Bill Brown ... Xiamen University
Well, I'm afraid the Guangzhou U.S. Consulate is not, as of yet, moving to Xiamen--but they should! What a beautiful location they had on our Gulangyu Islet, and I just read that our illustrious U.S. Consul, le Gendre, wrote way back in 1871 that the U.S. Consul for not just Fujian but Guangzhou and Taiwan as well should be located in Xiamen, the "doorway to Fookien." (See quote & source below). So send in your e-mails to the U.S. Consulate. I'm sure those poor folks down there would Enjoy Amoy much better than smoggy Guangzhou. And in the meantime, visit the official America in Xiamen web page.

Amoy, the door to the Fookien Province, as its name in Chinese indicates, would be the proper residence for a Consul whose jurisdiction would extend over agents of Swatow [Shantou] and Vice Consuls for the Formosa ports.”

Carles, William Le Gendre, U.S. Consul in Amoy, “How to Deal with China. A Letter to de B. Rand. Kiem, Esquire, Agent of the United States, Amoy, 1871, p. 118


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