Saturday, August 16, 2014

Createspace won't upload (Please check your internet connection) SOLVED!

Ahoy from Amoy! (Xiamen)

I finally have typeset a Print-on-Demand version of "Discover Xiamen" for Amazon (I'm still working on Fujian Adventure) but I could not upload the createspace interior file! (the file with the book's content). Every time, for 3 days, I got "Please check your internet connection and try again. We highly recommend using a high-speed broadband internet connection."

Well--I was using high speed broadband. I was on a trip to the U.S., and using Comcast. Though I think they're billing dept. should be called Con-cast, the internet speed was blazing fast on all other sites. I downloaded a 2 Gb file in only a few minutes! I tried everything for 3 days--PDF, DOC, DOCX. I tried checking the files for errors. Nothing worked. I read other people's ideas. Most people thought it was a trick by Createspace to get them to pay the minimum $199 for professional services. Turns out the solution was simple--at least in my case.

I finally gave in and clicked the button to contact CreateSpace by phone. They called back within seconds, and a very professional man worked me through every step (remember to have your CreateSpace account number handy--not your ID and password). But I had already cleared the cache, cleared cookies, restarted Mozilla Firefox (which he said was best)--I even rebooted the computer. Finally, he suggested I try using Chrome to upload. I don't have Chrome, but I tried Internet Explorer (always a last resort for me)--and it worked like a charm, uploading the 12 MB file in just one minute.

Three days I tried to get this to work. And now I need to go through the entire file again because too many of the photos were not high enough resolution. CreateSpace automatically checks everything in the file--but a good thing; I see clearly the issues they raised. I just wished I'd have known these issues days earlier.

I suggested that since CreateSpace reps themselves recommend using Mozilla Firefox, they should also warn users that, as of now, it does not work!

Enjoy Amoy!

Bill's 2 eBooks on Amazon:
"Fujian Adventure"
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Tina Proffitt said...

I'm having the same issue today with my book. I'll try your Internet Explorer fix.
Thanks for the help!

Kevin M. said...

Thank you. :-) Finally worked when I switched to Chrome. Good post!

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