Monday, August 18, 2014

Wifi keeps disconnecting Solved! (at long last).

Hi from Amoy! (Xiamen, China)

After getting used to its quirky pad, I've come to love my Asus laptop, but for almost a year I've been frustrated because, unlike my other devices, the wifi keeps shutting off, sometimes every few minutes, for no reason. Turns out the problem was not the internet or router or even Asus, but Microsoft.

I'd have to disconnect and reconnect 3 or 4 times just to get an email out, and I first suspected it was the Great Wall of China playing games with me, but I ruled that out because our Toshiba and Lenovo laptops had no problem, nor did our phones and tablets. I finally found the problem was that Microsoft was every few minutes, by default, cutting power to the wireless adapter  to save power--even when I was actively surfing online!

Sounds like nice green thinking--but kind of ridiculous to shut off the wifi 4 or 5 times in 10 minutes when I'm actually online using the thing.  So here's how to fix it (and I've had no problems since doing these 6 very simple steps).

1. Open Device Manager. There are several ways:
    A. You can move the cursor to the very low left corner and when the Windows symbol appears, right click it, and then left click on Device Manager (6 from the top). 
    B. You can hold down the Windows key and at the same time press "r", typedevmgmt.msc and left click on OK.
2. Left Click on Network Adapters
3. Right Click on Wireless Network Adapter.
4. Left Click on Properties (at the bottom).
5. Left Click on Power Management tab at the top (probably far right).
6. Uncheck the tiny square to the left of Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

Problem Solved!

Again--I'm all for saving power, but come on, Microsoft! Cutting off the wifi connector every 1 or 2 minutes when I'm actively on the internet? If anyone at Microsoft ever uses the internet, I hope they figure this out that this should, by default, be OFF, not ON.

I hope it works for you. Happy surfing from Amoy!

Dr. Bill
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