Friday, August 22, 2014

Solved Android: This connection is untrusted

Greetings from Amoy! (Xiamen, China),

Today I faced an unusual problem, and after an hour of trying everything under the sun, I finally remembered I'd faced the same problem a couple years ago on Android, as well as my PC--and the solution (at least this time) was so simple. Of course, there are many possible causes, but should you find yourself with this message, on Android, iPhone or PC, try this simple fix (no idea how it gets messed up in the first place).

 When connecting to the internet on Android, Mozilla Firefox said "This connection is untrusted." I knew there was no problem with the connection, so I clicked, "I understand the risks," and then "Add a permanent exception."  I was then able to go onto websites, but I had to keep adding exceptions--and Android Gmail absolutely refused to work, though I could check Gmail with Firefox.

Worse--I could not get into Google Play. It kept saying "No Connection" and "Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has Stopped."

I finally found that, somehow, my date had changed to the year 2019. No idea how, as I'd not changed any settings. I changed it back to 2014, rebooted--and everything works perfectly now.

There may be other reasons for your problem, but after having done this, I remembered I had faced the same issue twice before on Android and twice on my PC (and once on an iPhone). So when stuck, go the easy route first. In this case, clear the apps caches and reboot, but if that doesn't work, confirm you have the right date (including the right year!). If that doesn't work, remove and reinstall your Google account. And if that doesn't work.... far, I've not encountered a situation where none of those work, and I take care of, all total, about 11 devices.

Warm regards from Amoy, China!

Dr. Bill

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