Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Easily Convert any image format (SID, TIFF) to JPG, TIFF, etc (100% free!)

Hi from Amoy!

I just received an 80 MB SID image file--and had no idea how to open it. I'd never seen an SID file, and could not find how to convert SID files to TIFF or JPG formats. I tried many online and downloadable (contenta-convertor, for example) conversion programs but all failed. Some said it was too large, and others simply did not recognize SID files (even though they claimed to). And then I remembered my old favorite: IrfanView, which converts virtually any image format--and is 100% free!

I'd used IrfanView a few years ago and loved it, but it got lost in the shuffle when I upgraded Windows--and then I forgot about it. So I downloaded the program--and it didn't work. But then I downloaded the plug-ins, which covers every kind of image file imaginable--and it worked like a charm! It took several minutes to open the file (80 MB) but it converted it properly to an over 2 GB TIFF file! If it can handle a 2 GB TIFF file, it can handle anything you will throw at it.
convert any image format to any image format with irfanview jpg jpeg sid tiff gif

Best of all, IrfanView is free--and it does much more than just open any kind of image you have, or convert it. It has easy to use editing and drawing tools--and it runs on virtually every operating system there is, from all versions of Windows to Linux (using Wine) and Mac OS X (using Winebottler). The installer comes in 25 languages--everything from English and German to Chinese, Korean, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian, Finnish, Estonian, Romanian and Arabic.

20 years after IrfanView's debut in 1996, Microsoft and Apple still can't come close to something as useful, simple and practical. So a big thanks to IrfanView's creator Irfan Skiljan, who hails from beautiful Jayce, Bosnia and now lives in Vienna. His site says he's received over 65,000 emails from grateful users, and as soon as I post this I'm emailing him too. As we say here in China, Xiexie! 谢谢!Irfan!

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Enjoy Amoy!

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