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Wifi Device to Detect Emotions for Advertisers!

Ahoy from Amoy (historic Xiamen, China).
MIT Massachusetts Instiute of Technology WIFI Wireless detects emotions Forbes

I thought life in China was Off the Wall, but my disOriented life doesn't hold a candle to what's happening back home--such as a new device from MIT that will allow advertisers to use Wifi to detect your emotions and target products straight to your heart, bypassing your brain. It's not in use yet, but you and I both know that what can be done--and makes money--will be done.

According to Forbes, Sept. 20th 2016 (link to article at bottom), researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed a device that detects your emotions by sending wireless signals that measure your heartbeat by bouncing off your body. They claim the device is 87% accurate and can recognize happiness, sadness anger and how you react to stress. It's like an electrocardiogram that doesn't have to come in contact with your body!

I can see the good in this; it could be used like biofeedback to help us monitor and control stress, blood pressure, etc. The scary thing, however, is the articles closing statement:

"They say it could one day be used by advertising agencies to gauge audience reaction or in health care to diagnose depression or anxiety."

If it can be, it will be. Happy Thought. I remember reading, as a child, a science fiction story about a future society in which people went to great measures to avoid hi-tech advertising that bombarded them 24/7--including shrill flying robots batting against the window and screaming marketing slogans. But not even the author of that story could have imagined this scenario.

Well, I'm signing off because I have a sudden urge for a Big Mac, KFC and Pizza, followed by a trip to Xiamen's new Mall to pick up a 5,000 Rolex and whatever new incarnation of iPhone or Galaxy Note now lines the shelves. I think my new Chinese wireless router is acting up again.

Enjoy Amoy!

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