Monday, September 12, 2016

Solved: Missing network or wifi icon in taskbar or System Tray Windows 10

Ahoy from Amoy! (historic Xiamen, China)

I upgraded to Windows 10 the first day it was available because it could not have been worse than Windows 8 (though Windows 7 was my favorite). I was right--but it does seem each time Microsoft does its mandatory Windows 10 update a new problem crops up. One of the latest is that the Wifi or Network icon has vanished from the system tray or task bar. Worse yet, I follow Microsoft's instructions to turn it on in Settings--but it's grayed out and can't be turned on!

I've still not figured out the cause but I've found a solution. Restart Windows Explorer, and then the icon magically reappears. Even then, it has shown "No internet available" even as I'm connected, but at least I have the icon and can easily switch between Wifi sources again (and the "no internet available disappears eventually).

You don't have to reboot to restart Windows Explorer (steps below).

First, make sure the notifications are turned on properly. If they are and still no icon, then restart Windows Explorer:

1. Go to All Settings (swipe left from lower right corner and tap All Settings).
2. Tap System  (Display, notifications, apps, power)
3. Tap Notifications & actions
4. Tap Turn system icons on and off
5. Turn Network notifications ON
     It should work! If it is grayed out, then restart Windows Explorer

Restart Windows Explorer
1. Right click the little Upward Arrow in the System Tray and tap Task Manager (or--you can touch Control, Alt & Delete at the same time and then choose Task Manager).
2. Right click Windows Explorer (at the top left, under Apps) and choose Restart.

The Wifi / Networks icon should have reappeared.

If it still does not appear or the settings have wifi network settings grayed out, Click Here for a foolproof fix (registry edit of systray network icons).

For some reason it may disappear again (probably Windows updates). If it does, repeat the above step. Frustrating--but this has happened to both my Dell and my wife's Toshiba, so no way around it.

Enjoy Amoy!

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